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Lease End Options in Savannah, GA

Do you find yourself at the end of your vehicle's lease? If you're in this situation and you're dreading the thought of finding a new vehicle or have another in mind, we've got several options for you. At lease-end, you don't only have to return your car.

Here at Chatham Parkway Toyota, we always want our customers to be happy about what they're driving. With leasing, you have the unique opportunity to switch up your vehicle without the hassle of a trade-in or selling process. Check out these options you have with us when your lease is up.

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What Do I Do at the End of My Lease?

Return the Vehicle

After looking over your options at Chatham Parkway Toyota, you may decide that returning your vehicle is the best decision for you right now. The only additional payments you may have to make involve any mileage you have accrued over your lease's maximum terms, in addition to any damages.

Keep Your Vehicle

If you have fallen in love with your vehicle over the course of your lease, and the idea of parting ways with it is no longer something you want to do, you can purchase it outright. This can be advantageous if the car has retained its value well. And the only remaining charges would be the remainder of the vehicle's value.

Trade in the Vehicle

If you find that your vehicle is no longer suited for your lifestyle, you can trade in your vehicle for one that is a better fit. If that is the way you want to go, the deal would then work just like a standard finance deal. You would simply come to Chatham Parkway Toyota to review your options.

If you’re interested in leasing one of our vehicles in Savannah, GA, drop by Chatham Parkway Toyota at 7 Park of Commerce Way, Savannah, GA 31405. We look forward to serving our customers from Brunswick, Hinesville and Hilton Head Island!