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Toyota Vehicle

Rent a Toyota in Savannah, GA

Are you in search of a rental car as your vehicle undergoes repairs? Regardless of the motive, you’ll be delighted by the array of Toyota rentals available at Chatham Parkway Toyota. These rental vehicles embody the hallmark power, style, and design associated with the Toyota brand. Moreover, they boast the most cutting-edge technology currently available in the market. Delve into the frequently asked questions about Toyota rentals below and discover why choosing Chatham Parkway Toyota for your rental needs is the ideal decision. Take the next step by exploring our rental vehicle options and reaching out to our team once you’ve pinpointed the perfect Toyota rental that suits your requirements.
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Why Toyota Rentals?

While many drivers opt for a rental car when their own vehicle is undergoing repairs, there’s a compelling case for renting a new Toyota model beyond these circumstances. Your local Savannah Toyota dealership offers numerous compelling reasons to consider renting a Toyota:

Business Trips – Arrive punctually and exude style during your next business trip. Our diverse range of Toyota rentals ensures you make a lasting impression while liberating you from the inconveniences of relying on public transportation.
Family Vacations – Whether you require additional space, a more fuel-efficient vehicle, or simply seek peace of mind for an extensive road journey, a Toyota rental is an ideal choice for your upcoming family vacation.
New Car Research – Considering purchasing a new Toyota model? Opt for an extended test drive by renting the same or a similar model. Experience how your preferred Toyota handles roads and accommodates your daily routines before making a commitment to purchase.
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Reasons to Choose Chatham Parkway Toyota for Your Rental Needs

Chatham Parkway Toyota stands as your trusted local Toyota rental dealership, providing a host of compelling reasons to opt for our services. 
Here’s why renting from us is the ideal choice:

Competitive Pricing and Extensive Options – Benefit from competitive pricing, comprehensive coverage, and a diverse selection of Toyota makes and models available for rent. Our experienced team is adept at guiding you toward the perfect Toyota model that suits your rental requirements and setting you up with an appropriate rental plan.
Additional Benefits – Enjoy the following perks when you rent from Chatham Parkway Toyota:

  • Enjoy complimentary 24-hour roadside assistance with your rental.
  • For a nominal one-time fee of $50.00, access unlimited mileage during your rental period.
  • Whether exploring your Hilton Head neighborhood or embarking on a cross-country journey, simply return your Toyota rental to our dealership at the end of your rental term.
  • Select the rental plan that suits you best! Take advantage of our daily, weekly, and monthly specials, ensuring you have access to a Toyota rental for the duration you need, at an affordable price.
  • Experience the difference with Toyota Rent a Car being dealer-based. This allows you to rent a new Toyota model while receiving exceptional customer service from a conveniently located dealer.

Flexible Rental Plans – Tailor your rental experience to your needs. We offer daily, weekly, and monthly specials, ensuring you have access to your desired Toyota rental for as long as necessary, all at a price point that suits your budget.
Superior Customer Service and Convenience – Unlike other rental agencies, Toyota Rent a Car operates through dealership channels. This unique approach ensures you can rent a new Toyota model while receiving exceptional customer service from a conveniently located dealer.

Common Rental Questions

The Toyota rental program involves various details, but we’ve condensed the most frequently asked questions into an easily accessible list for your convenience. 
Should you have any inquiries regarding our services, Toyota Rent a Car rates, or the specifics of our Toyota rental plan, feel free to reach out to our team for further information and assistance.

Toyota dealerships offer competitive rates due to the integration of the rental vehicle service within the existing Toyota dealerships infrastructure. Below, you can explore the Toyota rental rates specifically available at Chatham Parkway Toyota for your convenience.

Presently, the Toyota rental must be returned to the original Toyota dealership from which it was rented. Nonetheless, you can inquire at your Toyota Rent a Car dealership about the availability of off-site pickup services.

Chatham Parkway Toyota provides a diverse range of the newest Toyota models for car rental in Savannah, GA. If you’re seeking a particular Toyota model, reach out to your nearby Toyota rental dealership to inquire about its availability.

A Toyota rental car is available at any participating Toyota dealership, and Chatham Parkway Toyota is your nearest Rent a Toyota dealer!

Certainly! Many Toyota vehicles become available for purchase after their brief four-month service period. For further information regarding the Toyota rental you’re interested in, please consult your local Toyota rental dealership.

Toyota rental vehicles are allowed in the continental United States, Alaska, and Canada. Toyota rent a car vehicles are not covered in Mexico.

Should your trip conclude earlier than anticipated, you have the option to return your rental to the dealership ahead of schedule. Yet, please note that you might not receive a refund for the unused days. Prior to signing your contract, it’s advisable to verify this information with your Toyota rental dealership.

To rent a Toyota vehicle, full-coverage auto insurance is required. While most full-coverage policies typically cover rental vehicles, it’s advisable to confirm with your provider before finalizing a Toyota rental agreement.

In the event of an accident, you and your insurer are responsible for the rental vehicle. Check with your insurer prior to renting a car if you are uncertain about your coverage.

Presently, Toyota doesn’t provide insurance plans. However, the Toyota dealership you rent from will contact your insurance provider before your arrival to verify coverage.

Rent A Toyota

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Disclaimer: Kindly be informed that in order to partake in our vehicle rental services at Chatham Parkway Toyota, the minimum age requirement is 25 years or older, and a valid driver’s license is mandatory. As part of our rental process, You must provide proof of your transferable full-coverage vehicle insurance. . We understand the importance of acknowledging and honoring our community’s Local Heroes. Hence, special discounts are available for esteemed individuals including First Responders, AARP members, Educators, Gulfstream Employees, and Military personnel.
Please note that as a standard procedure, all rentals necessitate a $200 refundable deposit. Additionally, renters are required to furnish all mandatory information and documentation to qualify for the rental service. For your convenience, we solely accept payment through major credit cards (please note that pre-paid, debit, chime or checking cards are not accepted). It’s essential to mention that all quoted rates are exclusive of taxes.


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