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The Do's and Don'ts of Car Buying

1. Do Know Your Needs

In order to find the perfect vehicle for you, you'll want to start by selecting the type of vehicle that best suits your lifestyle; convertible, minivan, sedan, coupe, compact car, etc.

2. Do Research

Once you've decided on the type of vehicle is best for you, make a list of what's most important to have in a vehicle. Research various models and makes that give you all the amenities and features that you want.

3. Do Know How Much You Can Afford

Deciding on a budget for your used car can be the hardest part of the whole process. Make sure you work out your ideal monthly payment, or, if you have the money, buy it on the spot. Knowing what you can afford is very important so that you can narrow down exactly what you want.

4. Don't Buy Without A Vehicle History Report

You never really know what you're getting with a used car just by looking at it. To have peace of mind, you'll need to dig a little deeper and find out as much information as you can about the history of the vehicle, like whether it has been in several accidents, damaged in a flood, reported stolen and more. Not everyone keeps all of their receipts of every oil change, so make sure you know the history of the car you are considering. We make it easy for you by including a vehicle history report with every used vehicle on our website.

5. Don't Sign an "As Is" Agreement

Unless you are absolutely sure of what you are getting into with a used car or you're a confident mechanic, do not sign an "as is" agreement from a used car dealer. By making you sign this, the seller is releasing themselves from all liability if something goes wrong. So don't be pressured into signing something unless you know that you can handle it. There are plenty of great and reputable used car dealers out there, like us.

If you’d like to purchase a used car in Savannah, GA, drop by Chatham Parkway Toyota at 7 Park of Commerce Way, Savannah, GA 31405 for a test-drive. We look forward to serving our customers from Savannah, GA, and throughout Brunswick, Hinesville and Hilton Head Island!

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